Ramble Session #1

So I’ve decided to do a ramble session. I’m literally only going to write whatever comes to my mind and this’ll be like having a conversation with me! Yay.

Gosh, I’m sarcastic.

And hungry.

But I already finished all the chips, so I have to wait until I deem it acceptable to have lunch. Which is in an hour.

You know, outside of the internet, I have friends, though a majority of them don’t live where I live and there’s no way I’m paying a ticket to fly to their places. That’s what video calls on Hangouts are for!

Speaking of, I’m that one friend that refuses to have any form of social media other that Google+. How sad am I?!

Anyway, as I was saying, my friends in the real world and live near me, I don’t if I should count as friends. Their more like, I dunno, people that I spend the day with, and kind of like, but past that, I do NOTHING with them. The rest of them go and hangout together and I’m just like “Can I come?” and they sort of look and me and go “Naaahhhh…”

But it’s fine! I have you guys (which I still don’t get, I mean, people like to hear jabber on about stuff!?) the Goodreads community, and this one friend I’ve been messaging for the last 5 hours that should be awake by now and isn’t responding to any of my messages and we were supposed to have a video call today.

I’m trying to find a wordcount on here, but I can’t find it. Maybe there isn’t a wordcount on WordPress…?


Well anyways, thanks for listening (or technically reading!) my ramble. I hope you enjoyed it!


Sag Scholar



Fandom Quote #5

Although “jumping to conclusions” is an expression, rather than an activity, it is as dangerous as jumping of a cliff, jumping in front of a moving train or jumping for joy.”

A Series of Unfortunate Events,

Lemony Snicket


Grammar, a very odd pet peeve of mine. When somebody does this “I enjoy MATH.” instead of “I enjoy MATHS.”, I get really angry, because, if you want to study the English language, then GET YO GRAMMAR STRAIGHT!

I always try to be as helpful as I possibly can, but a human has their limits, and if somebody makes a stupid grammar mistake more than once, and I have corrected them every single time, I WILL blow. I mean, have you ever heard of a grammar dictionary, and books about GRAMMAR.

I know I’m being harsh, but all of you that do speak English, help people who don’t.

(Just needed to vent/rage)