3 Years

on this day, exactly three years ago, 13 young boys debuted on MBC with their song ‘adore u’. the next year, they won for the first time on a music show with their song ‘pretty u’. then, they went on to create don’t wanna cry, which won best dance performance of 2017 at MAMA. and now, in 2018, they have released a new special sub-unit (booseoksoon), which debuted with the song ‘just do it’, they made a comeback with their new song ‘thanks’ and are currently promoting their japanese album ‘we made you’.

seventeen came into my life earlier this year, and i have been on an incredible journey with them. i remember re-watching their first win and crying a long with them. seventeen is a self-produced group (meaning that they not only write and produce their own music, but they also create their own choreography).

these boys have worked so hard, and they deserve so much.

so from the bottom of my heart i thank:
choi seungcheol
yoon jeonghan
hong jisoo
wen junhui
kwon soonyoung
jeon wonwoo
lee jihoon
xu minghao
kim mingyu
lee seokmin
boo seungkwan
hansol vernon chwe and
lee chan
for brightening up not only my day, but also my life.

Fandom Quote #27 + Update on Stuffy Stuff Stuff

“Lemony eggs…”

Daniel J. Layton


Sorry for the fact I haven’t been posting much…


I’ve been sort of busy for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t had the time to come back here and blog or leave fandom quotes. BUT DON’T WORRY MY FRIENDS! I’ll be back to the normal-ish schedule by the start of November (maybe).

I think I might be able to get a short story up by the end of October. I’m really proud of it and I’m so excited to see it be read by more people than just me! YAY!

I’ve been really busy writing this (which is why I haven’t been posting much on here) but I do have some aWeSoMe news so drum roll please…….



Thank you for listening (or technically reading) my weird update-y thingy!


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