Hi, my name is Sagittarius Scholar, and I’m a person with huge dreams. I have dreams to change the future of this world, and make it AMAZING! I love music, writing, and reading, so expect a LOT of blog entries about these three things. My favourite colours are black and grey (depressing right). I also am a member of several fandoms. I am a fan of (deep breath now)

  • Pentatonix
  • YouTube
  • Percy Jackson
  • Enid Blyton
  • Supernatural
  • and many more…

Though I live in the world’s Horror Movie Centre (Indonesia) I am TERRIFIED of all things horror. Once, I watched the trailer for Five Nights At Freddy’s 4, and I couldn’t sleep for TWO DAYS, but no more talk about horror, it’s time to blog!!!

Sagittarius Scholar



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