Trends come and go. I think we all agree that I’m stating the obvious. But, honestly, some there are some trends that I just don’t understand…

I’ll just talk about one today.

And gosh do I hate it…

It pains me to even type it…

(GAH, gimme a sec to prepare myself)

You know that weird auto-tune extremely high voice. Yeah, I think you know which one I’m talking about. Like when you stub your toe on the leg of a table and you scream out in pain, then your voice cracks.

Yep that one.

And, look, I get it. Some of you guys think that it’s fine, and I’m not judging, but I honestly don’t care for it. What happened to just normal singing. I mean, have you ever listened to Barbra Streisand singing ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’? (If you haven’t I’ll put the link somewhere in this blog post).

I’d be a happy person if I turned on the radio, and for the entire car ride, I don’t listen to that voice. Not even once. (And also no ads, because that takes up 3/4 of the car ride).

I know this is more rant-y than usual, but I really needed to get this of my chest.

Link to Barbra Streisand singing Don’t Rain on My Parade (credits go to original owners): Don’t Rain On My Parade (Funny Girl)

Thank you for listening (or technically reading), I hope you enjoyed this blog post!






WolfStar A-Z: C is for ‘Cat’

(A/N This is a modern AU)

“No way in HELL am I getting a cat!”

“But you lost the bet and I get to choose what animal to have as a pet. I choose a CAT!”

Remus and Sirius continued to argue. They were moving together (as an official couple) (finally) and they were fighting over what animal to have as a pet. They couldn’t decide so they set up a bet. Whoever got James to scream the loudest after a prank, wins. Sirius won. Obviously (I mean the bucket on the door trick always gets you, no matter how much of a prankster you are). So the (now-slightly-conflicted) couple strolled into the shop. And here we are now. Remus and Sirius arguing over what to get as a pet.

Sirius always had a love for cats (I mean, Crookshanks anyone?), but Remus? Not so much. He had a traumatic experience when he was a young boy, but for reasons I will not (or cannot, because he’s WILL murder me) disclose what that experience was.

After a series of puppy-dog eyes and bribes Remus relented and allowed Sirius to buy the cat. Sirius immediately christened the cat Jily (A/N JAMES AND LILY SHIPPERS WHERE YOU AT!).

Jily was a sassy sphinx cat, with keen eyes, and an ability to disappear (don’t ask me how, I don’t know). Remus hated Jily at first, but then something happened…

Jily has lived with Remus and Sirius for a couple of months now. She had woken up from a nap and trotted over to her water bowl. It was empty. “Well this can’t do,” she thought to herself. She sauntered over to her owners bed and leaped gracefully onto it. She only saw Remus because Sirius was getting milk (which also means he’ll be gone for the entire evening because he will get side-tracked and end up buying bath bombs. Or IKEA). “Well he’ll have to do then,” thought Jily as she pawed at Remus. Remus woke up from his own lovely dream and saw Jily. “Ugh it’s just you,” said Remus, tiredly getting up to fulfil Jily’s needs.

He saw the empty water bowl and filled it up, then setting it on the floor for Jily to drink. As Jily fervently lapped up the water, Remus had the sudden urge to pat and stroke her. He had a quick mental debate and decided to go with his gut. He got on the floor and started to pat and stroke Jily as she drank. He found it to be quite comforting, and when Jily finished drink her water, Remus picked her up and cuddled with her, while watching the news.

Sirius came home that evening with (you guessed it) bath bombs and IKEA furniture (but no milk, because he forgot) and found Jily and Remus asleep on the couch. It was a such as sight that he snapped a quick picture and sent to James.

Remus thought of this memory fondly as he and Jily walked into the graveyard. He knelt by a gravestone petting Jily. “You know, even after so many years I still have her you know. She reminds me of you,” said Remus “I need just one more favour, one more miracle. Just please, don’t be dead (A/N SHERLOCK REFERENCE).”

The gravestone read Siruis Lupin-Black.

Weekly Fandom Quote #7

“In Emma’s defence, Cameron’s annoying, but he’s hot.” Julian gave her a look. “I mean, if you like guys who look like a redheaded Captain America, which I… don’t?

“Captain America is definitely the most handsome Avenger,” said Cristina. “But I like the Hulk. I would like to heal his broken heart.”

“We’re Nephilim,” said Julian. “We’re not even supposed to know about the Avengers. Besides,” he added, “Iron Man is obviously the best-looking.”

Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight