Daily Prompt: Bridge

via Daily Prompt: Bridge

We need more bridges. Years ago our bridges were built, creating the structure of peace and prosperity. Yet, as the centuries passed, these bridges were left behind, causing them to rot and erode. Finally, the broke and the debris spread into the water.

These bridges were made by years of hard work. The hard work of presidents, humanitarians, and sometimes entire countries. These bridges are also known as peace treaties, rights, and many more.

These bridges connected all of us, the era of globalisation. But wars, and inhumane acts have slowly eroded the bridges. And other bridges were broken too. Our bridge to nature has fallen as well, which is actually more terrifying and sad than it may seem.

I believe that now, the goal of humankind is to rebuild those bridges. I just hope we don’t realise this when it’s too late…


Yogya-Dieng, Wonosobo

(This will be short.)

Today I left Cirebon and hopped on a train to Yogyakarta. From there I drove to Dieng, and crashed there for the night. I spent most of the time reading, sleeping and listening to music, so…

Overall, this day could be described as bearable.

Cirebon Day 2

Today, instead of summarising what happened today, I will review a movie I just watched (because that’s more important than retelling my boring life). MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN!!!


The movie was great, so props to Tim Burton, who is the director and the amazeballs cast. But, the plot was not even vaguely similar to the books by Ransom Riggs. But you also have to realise that they tried to put 3 books into one movie, so kudos to that.

But, character names and peculiar abilities or mixed up quite a lot, such as Emma, Olive and the ‘supposed’ Dr. Brannon (who never made an appearance in the books).



Java: Cirebon (Part 1)

So guys, I wasn’t able to download in my audio recordings so instead I’ll just be giving a recap of what happened today…

I landed in Jakarta, and immediately went to the train station to go to Cirebon. As you may or may not have guessed, I spent the entire train trip reading. I’m reading the “Throne of Glass” series, and I’m LOVING IT!

Anyway, when I got off from the train, I got into a car that took me to the hotel. I’m staying at ‘Grage Hotel’.

After I unpacked, I spent the rest of the day eating and shopping. And then something incredible happened…


Sad part is, that I couldn’t watch it because it wasn’t scheduled for tonight.

I’m about to fall asleep while I write so I gotta go. Thank you for listening (or is it reading?). Have a nice day, or night, wherever you are. Goodnight, Earthlings.