Hey guys, this is just going to be a REALLY short blog entry. Basically, If you see the title as “UPDATE ALERT!” it means the blog post will just be really quick ’cause I just want to generally sum up what’s going on.


So basically I am going on a road trip around Java (which is an island in Indonesia). I’ll be backpacking the entire way, and I’ll only be using trains and cars to get around (and obviously my two feet).

Now because I didn’t want to blog every night because I might be tired (which is an excuse for “I’m too lazy to do it!”), I have an audio recorder, so I’ll just tape an audio, and post it on my blog.

If gotta go, Castle Season Five remembrance marathon track!


TAG: NOtps

Welcome BACK to Fun, Free, Fandom where I vent about how lonely I am.

Today I will be doing a tag one of my friends tagged me to do which is, ‘NOtp’ (No OTP). Basically I have to list all the ships that I do not ship and that I HATE!!!

Firstly, DISCLAIMER! No offense to all the fandoms for these ships because this blog is purely for the entertainment of others. With that out of the way, LET’S DO THIS!!!

My first ‘NOtp’ is “Zalfie”. Let’s get this straight I love Alfie and Zoe together, but it’s too stretched out. I mean, WE GET IT, YOU’RE A COUPLE NOW!

My second ‘NOtp’ is Perachel (Percy Jackson and Rachel Dare). I mean, get OVER IT! They’ll never get together.

My third, Gale and Katniss. I mean, ya, they’re cute, but at the end of Mockingjay (SPOILER ALERT) Gale LEAVES. Yup, marries some cutie in District 2. So there. Hearts broken, and Peeta’s there asking Katniss, “You love me, real or not real?”

My last and most not of the NOtps are (drum roll please) Hermione and Ron. I mean, they were never REALLY meant for each other. JK Rowling actually said that Hermione was supposed to end up with Harry (but I’m glad JK changed her mind). Though I may hate this ship because I hardcore ship Dramione (surprise, surprise).

So there. These are my NOtps. Thank you for listening (or technically reading). Have a nice day!




Word of the Month

Lost: not knowing where you are or how to get to where you want to go : unable to find your way

This word means a lot to me. Being lost is familiar to me. But I only realised a few days ago that life’s point is being lost. You’re SUPPOSED to wander around figuring life out. Plus, (now it’s time to get philosophical) to enter the state of being found, you must first enter the stage of being lost.

Being lost is fine. You’re SUPPOSED to figure it out little by little. That’s the beauty of life.

Wow, that was deep. Good thing my next blog post is going to be about ‘NOtp’s.

#Heterosexualprideday, #Alllivesmatter, #Likeaboy

This is a response to the hashtags in the title.

As you all know, the hashtags in the title are responses to OTHER hashtags. So, basically I’m responding to hashtags responding to other hashtags (right?).

(This blog post is, once again, inspired by a video/vlog iisuperwomanii uploaded on You Tube).

Why is it that if you’re not included in something you react majorly, but if it’s something that actually MEANS something in the world, you turn a blind eye?



(I sound like a faction manifesto) (Shout-out to Divergent fans!)

What I’m trying to say is that, some people need more recognition than others, so don’t let self-importance blind you from what really matters. Equity. And treating people the way you would treat yourself.