The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: The Ugly

Being ‘ugly’ is in my opinion very (due to lack of a better word) ‘good’ (unintentional pun). Ugly means a lot of things, but in today’s time and age,’ugly’ means that someone doesn’t have ‘flawless’ skin, hair, nails, etc.

Being deemed ‘flawless’ is always something that we people thrive to hear, but why?

Flawless means we have no flaws, in other words you’re PERFECT. Being perfect and having perfect children make us something that is not right. Not human. It’s INHUMANE to be perfect.

Be proud of your flaws (big or small) because you are you. You were born this way.



Sag Scholar OUT!!!!


Is Libby a Boy?

I was reading a book with a few friends of mine, and then, halfway through a paragraph two of my friends began to laugh. I asked them why they were laughing and the first one said “Nope.” (probably because of embarrassment), so I asked the other one and he replied “He asked whether or not Libby is a boy.” (Libby is one of the characters in the book) ┬áThen he burst out in laughter. Again.

I was astounded by this outbreak, but then I realised how serious this question is. In my opinion, when someone asks what gender you are, or what gender you prefer in a partner, this is very personal. People in the world ARE hiding themselves because they’re scared of what people will think of them if they come out as whom they truly are.

LGTBQ rights are still an ongoing problem in the world. If you know anyone that is lesbian, gay or transgender, support them in any way possible. Make them feel comfortable in their own skin.