Phanfic: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Dan’s POV

Typical day, went out to get some groceries, bought a ring, and tried to find venue for the proposal. Then I come home, find my ADORABLE boyfriend eating my cereal and trying to register anger into my face but I can’t because he is like a puppy. No matter how annoyed or angry or frustrated at him, you can’t actually SAY anything because he’s too cute!

Well, basically, he apologised for eating my cereal, I accepted his apology, we’re friends again, YAY!!! We decided to binge-watch some anime together, while just generally bantering. We decided to blow off some steam by playing MarioKart. I won (obviously), but if you interviewed Phil, he’ll say something VERY different.

We decided to order pizza, and after food we decided to knock off for the night. I went to my bed (yes we still slept in different beds, as un-traditional as we are), and tried to go sleep. After I fought all my priorities for tomorrow, I finally slept.

Demonic dreams haunted me as I slept, so I forced myself to wake up, and I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I got there as quietly as I possibly could. Mid-way through a sip, I heard a bump in the night (I know totally cliched line. Forgive me). I accidentally spilt water all over myself, and I cursed at myself. Little puffs of bleeps in the night. I looked up and saw that the kitchen door was open, and found Phil standing in the doorway in cold sweat muttering things to himself. “Phil, are you okay?” I asked quietly, so not to scare him. He gave a little jump.

“Yeah Dan I’m fine. Just came up for a glass of water. Trying to chase of the bad dreams.” He replied shakily. I realised that we probably wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the night without the other. It was one f those things you just KNOW.

“Maybe we should sleep in the living room, the couch is big enough. And so that we wouldn’t get scared again not knowing where the other person is. Okay Phil?” I suggested. Phil nodded without any hesitation.

I take back what I said earlier about not sharing a bed. In 4 months (with the “yes” of Phil’s parents) we started to share a bed. We slept in Phil’s bed because it’s bigger than mine. I still shoot my videos in my old bedroom, so not to reveal that Phil and I are dating. Now my bedroom is used as my office/procrastination space/big cuddle couch.


A Phanfic Chapter 2

Phil’s POV

Wow, what a day. Filming TWO new videos is harder than I thought it would be. I’m in the editing process, and my boyfriend, Dan, is off buying groceries. “Well,” I thought “While he’s out, I might pop into the kitchen for a ‘snack’.” And by snack, I meant, hardcore eating Dan’s cereal. I still find my habit quite weird because, well, my cereal is the same brand as Dan’s, but it just doesn’t TASTE the same. You see, my cereal tastes the best with milk, and I’m slightly too lazy (at the moment) to get milk, because we’ve run out. While Dan’s cereal is full-on shove it in your mouth, because, in my opinion, it’s slightly more…moist.

As I began eating fistfuls of Dan’s cereal, I heard him. Gah, the same sound I was praying for, and at the same time dreading. My boyfriend was home.

I rushed to hide the ‘evidence’ of me eating Dan’s cereal in the 5 minutes it takes for him to realise I’m in the kitchen. Great, time for the procedure. I shove the cereal box back into the cupboard, wipe my hands on my pants, and kicked all the crumbs under the kitchen table.

“Phil! Where are you?” Dan screamed.

“I’m in the kitchen Dan!” I yelled back.

Dan came rushing up, and gave me hug while putting the groceries on the counter.

“I smell cereal. Wait…Phil, have you been eating my cereal again?” asked Dan. Great, I was cornered now.

“Nooooooo…They just decided to go on a holiday, and left a few crumbs.” I replied, with a confident (ish) look on my face.

“And where did they go on holiday Phil?” Dan asked.

“To my wonderful stomach.”I replied sheepishly.