A Phanfic: Chapter 1

(This will be a Phanfic chronicle)

Dan’s POV

I met him a few years ago (ahem, centuries ago when the internet was a baby. Yes, I’m a DANasour). Quite a coincidence, Starbucks was still a big thing, so I had some coffee. Then I met him, more or less the same with an even more horrible haircut than now. Anyways, I saw a mop of black hair behind a booth. I crept closer, and something sounded weird. The sound of muffled sobs were what I heard. I stepped into the booth and awkwardly patted his back. His piercing eyes were raised up to my dull ones. Is stopped patting his back, and reached my hand out “Hi, my name is Dan. I’m sorry for awkwardly patting your back earlier. Anyways, what’s your name?”

“My name is Phil. Phil Lester. And no worries, that was a pretty amazing pat.” Phil said, then cringing because of the awkwardness between us.

“Well, do you want me to buy you some coffee?” I asked politely.

“No thanks, I’ve got my own cup.” He replied, nodding his head towards his cup of coffee. I mentally slapped myself for not realising it.

“Right, I didn’t notice that,” I said, feeling my cheeks go red in cringeworthy embarrassment. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about our interests. We were similar in many ways. Maybe our most astonishing difference is a) our hair, and b) Phil likes lions and I’m in a back and forth with alpacas and llamas.


I began to recall this memory and I laughed quietly to myself, this was the same guy I was going to propose to in just a few days.


To be continued…

Do You REALLY Want This?

Wow, my first non-straightforward (maybe what I meant was enigmatic, or maybe vague? Meh, let’s get on with the show) blog title, I’m so proud of myself. Well, maybe because my title was enigmatic/vague/non-straightforward, I should explain what this particular blog is about necessities (the BARE NECESSITIES the SIMPLE BARE NECESSITIES, *all rights go to Disney*). 

Know all of you would probably be goin’ “Just get to the point! You’re supposed to be a SCHOLAR!!!” Firstly, I am, keep your knickers on, and secondly I am actually a scholar (kinda). So, the point is, have you ever been a situation where you’re trying to decide whether or not you want something. It is LITERALLY like your mind is split in two.

One side is listing all the cons, and the other side is listing all the pros. Ughhhh…

Well anyhoo, why can’t we sophisticated, mature human beings (cue me farting and waving the scent toward everyone while giggling like mad), make a simple decision as “Buy the book, or not buy the book.” It’s so confusing, like deciding who is right your mum our your dad (by the way, it’s mum, because mothers are ALWAYS correct).

Meh, might leave this unfinished then follow it up later to keep my approximately 5-6 readers on edge.


Fanfiction, are stories created by fans about their OTP, or something we truly care about. We are able to tweak original stories, or maybe even completely change them. We ‘borrow’ characters, and shape to our liking. Don’t worry, fanfiction is legal, as long as you announce whom these characters belong to.

There are different types of fanfiction (my personal favourite is fluff, which is cutesy stuff). Fanfiction has brought people of the world together in so many different ways.

I personally write fanfic because it’s an escape from the real world, but you can only run from you troubles for so long…

I began writing last year, and I wasn’t a hit, but it was fine because, I just wanted an escape. I’m still not a hit but it’s fine, because, like I said, I needed an escape.

I remember reading a fanfic, and the author said that she would stop writing for a while, because she was going through some tough times and decided to take care of herself first, then take care of her fanfic. She created OG (original) characters based of people in her life, and took real characters, and shaped in a different and equally beautiful way.

I was like that. When I wrote fanfic, I would shape the characters based of people in my own life, to escape reality.

Reality is harsh, and always will be, we can’t change that because, let’s face it, are world is bleeping imperfect. All we can do is make it better, so join me as we make the world a better place using not violence, or brute force, but with words, and passion, and understanding

Sagittarius Scholar