Grammar, a very odd pet peeve of mine. When somebody does this “I enjoy MATH.” instead of “I enjoy MATHS.”, I get really angry, because, if you want to study the English language, then GET YO GRAMMAR STRAIGHT!

I always try to be as helpful as I possibly can, but a human has their limits, and if somebody makes a stupid grammar mistake more than once, and I have corrected them every single time, I WILL blow. I mean, have you ever heard of a grammar dictionary, and books about GRAMMAR.

I know I’m being harsh, but all of you that do speak English, help people who don’t.

(Just needed to vent/rage)



Ahhhhh… chocolate. The luxury every human being should have. Chocolate has a perfect combination of bitterness, sweetness and just plain awesomeness. Really, chocolate is my go to comfort food. Literally, chocolate is BAE (I’m using modern slang, feel proud of me).

But (please mind the grammar), it’s sometimes good to venture out in to this world filled with EVEN MORE amazing food. Chocolate may be amazing, but there are also other foods that are at the same level of awesome as chocolate, for example, boiled potatoes covered in -insert type of sauce-, and (a personal favourite) shepards/cottage pie.

The world is filled with all types of food, and the key to a healthy lifestyle is to always try, and not just to “kaplonk” and give it up.


First, apology for not updating in SUCH a long time, I have been very busy, so that’s out of the way.

Second, as you can see, today’s topic is dilemmas. Wow, a word we can all relate to, and you know what? Right now I’m in a dilemmatic (is that a word?) situation. You see, I’m just about to nod off to bed, and I always read before bed (surprise, surprise). I don’t know what to read. There are two books I have in mind…

  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  2. Carry On, The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow

Both of these books I’ve read more than once, and I really don’t know what I should read. I then ended up reading none of those (?) and started to blog, because I needed to vent. Then, writing this I began to realise that not everyone in the world had dilemmas like this. Instead of wondering what book to read, they might be wondering how to escape their faltering or war trodden country.

In my opinion, one must always be grateful for what they have, because one day, their luxuries might wash away, so we must always be truly grateful.

Oh God, I sound like my mother, better call a psychiatrist…

Saggitarius Scholar