3 Years

on this day, exactly three years ago, 13 young boys debuted on MBC with their song ‘adore u’. the next year, they won for the first time on a music show with their song ‘pretty u’. then, they went on to create don’t wanna cry, which won best dance performance of 2017 at MAMA. and now, in 2018, they have released a new special sub-unit (booseoksoon), which debuted with the song ‘just do it’, they made a comeback with their new song ‘thanks’ and are currently promoting their japanese album ‘we made you’.

seventeen came into my life earlier this year, and i have been on an incredible journey with them. i remember re-watching their first win and crying a long with them. seventeen is a self-produced group (meaning that they not only write and produce their own music, but they also create their own choreography).

these boys have worked so hard, and they deserve so much.

so from the bottom of my heart i thank:
choi seungcheol
yoon jeonghan
hong jisoo
wen junhui
kwon soonyoung
jeon wonwoo
lee jihoon
xu minghao
kim mingyu
lee seokmin
boo seungkwan
hansol vernon chwe and
lee chan
for brightening up not only my day, but also my life.


In mainstream media, being self-deprecating was always a trait of the ‘good guy’ while being arrogant was the trait of the ‘bad guy’.

But I now think that’s not completely true. The good guy is actually trying to be humble, but their humbleness is taken to the extreme while the bad guy is actually being confident but that is also taken to the extreme.

I think these traits have been taken to the extreme to just solidify the ideal of Good vs Evil.

I think that what we as creative people should be doing is depicting characters that are equal parts good and bad because then we not only further ‘humanise’ characters, but we also begin to depict the truth.

Additional thought.

I realise now why I’m so self-deprecating.

It’s because when I see the ‘good guy’ be self-deprecating, I assume it’s the right thing to do, but maybe what I should be looking at is the villain, because (when dialed down a little) the villain is usually portrayed as confident.

Then again, I don’t know because I’m currently sick with the flu so my head’s muddly.

Sag Scholar


(TW: Insecurity)

I am afraid of many things.

As humans we are programmed with fear to keep us alive. Being alive was a good thing until life went sour.

Fear progressed from a basic instinct of survival to a much more complicated and confusing emotion. Long ago, our fears were “Don’t freeze to death and don’t pat the hungry looking bear.” Now they have manifested into a fear of not being accepted.

For me, writing in general has helped me cope with the fact that I’m not “normal”. My dreams are not like those of my friends. My attitude is not like those of the people my age.


People my age are very unkind. Every day, day in day out, I am picked apart by people I thought to be my friends. I am told that I am ugly. I am told that I am nothing but the punch line to a joke.

I am told that I am worthless.

And when you’re told something over and over again you begin to believe it. If you tell a baby that a pineapple is a pear everyday, they begin to believe it.

One thing these people tell me is that I am too sensitive. Well, now I realise I’m not too sensitive.

I am a human. I have my limits and my boundaries. And I know when you’re crossing them.

To those people, I ask one thing of your.

Please begin treating me like a human being.

Sag Scholar





Another Update

I’m discontinuing Fandom Quote of Week.

Because I’m tired and every week I don’t do it I feel a bit more stress, so yeah.

Please understand that this is beyond laziness but really just the fact I don’t have enough time. But don’t worry too much, because I might bring it back as a daily full month challenge (like Youtube VEDIM, but more bloggish).

Thank you for listening (or technically reading) my blog post!

Sag Scholar